Barbell Advice



“Put a face on the bar”

A trick to lift more weight

Pick one that enrages you, someone you utterly hate

Imagine they want to do terrible things; they want your blood spattered on the floor

Now lift, press, pull, scream and lift more

I rest on a bench, awaiting another go

But your face is stuck, caught in my mind

I can’t get you out, so I rush back before it is time


The weight is heavy, it crushes me down

But it is nothing compared to what you did, the damage abounds

My teeth grind, legs quiver and quake

And still I rise, undaunted, irate


Deep inside I want to feel pain, pain you instilled in me

Recreate those feelings; defeat them so I can be free

Yet what I feel is superficial, inadequate, and dull

What I really want is to go back, devour you, smash your skull


But that opportunity is lost, you’re old and feeble

A pitiful whining shell

A beast that tried to destroy me

One day you’ll return to hell


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