By Justin Clark

The weekends are a nightmare, a monster stalks my home

Awakened by alcohol, I pray it leaves me alone

Taken by the hand, I go crying to places of dread

They call these places bars, places the monster goes to get fed


It is known here, the bartender calls it by first name

She tell me it’s okay, this is a safe place

This is somewhere I can have fun

Somewhere it must behave

But these are well meaning fables, stories to lull a boy

This tale is really a horror, her smile a ploy


I watch as it rambles, tells lies, and curses

But this I know is the beginning, and the night will worsen

Whiskey fills it’s stomach, the sour smell lingers on it’s tongue

It speaks through broken English

“I love you my only son”


A stranger sits next to it; I pray they leave with haste

For they do not know what it really is

A demon poised to lay waste

Glass shatters, always the first que

To run, hide, cower

To await those men in blue


We leave a battered husk, laying in pooling red

Tonight I will dream about him, tonight I’ll see him dead

But my nightmare has just begun

Soon I’ll be alone with the monster

Waiting for Monday to come along

But do not fear for I am resilient, well equipped, and strong


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